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Gianluca Photography works with many mediums in a variety of settings and strives for excellence no matter the equipment, scenarios and obstacles. Due to these he has a very logistical way of approaching his briefs and will not back down from a challenge.


Having started with photographing landscapes and the natural world he soon got a taste for fast shutter speed photography whilst appreciating that not everything happens within a shutter click.

He has worked with local business' such as Salford Van Hire, creating their first official bespoke calendar with the aid of local businesses, which received extensive praise from all who had a copy. This lead him onto becoming Salford Van Hire's official photographer a role he continues to fulfil to this day.


Gianluca does not specialise in just one set of camera equipment, despite Nikons being his trusty sidekicks since he began. His practice across different platforms means that from medium format film and digital to the cheapest of hand held cameras you will always get a photo that meets your requirements.

Photography done decently is an understatement.

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